Our values - trust, integrity & honesty.

Our values.

At Taemar we aim to set ourselves apart from our competitors. We do this by considering the way we treat our employees, clients, communities and all that we do business with. Our company is built on and operates by the following set of core values and we look to our employees to possess these same values.

Trust, integrity and honesty

We operate in an industry where a solid reputation is essential. We work hard to keep our promises and to deliver on our commitments and we do so with ethics and high standards.


We are passionate about the work we undertake. This means that we guarantee every project is approached with intelligence and creativity at its heart. We harness the team’s technical intelligence to conceptualise innovative projects, and our hands-on, creative and skilled site team make these projects a reality for our clients. It is this desire to exceed expectations which sets us apart.


We understand that our most valuable asset is our people and we foster teamwork at all levels. We invest in training and personal development to ensure our team have the skills and attitude to help us deliver our commitment to our customers. We nurture our relationships and encourage success in others; from helping an employee reach their full career potential to helping clients by delivering a successful project. We never lose sight of the people at the centre of our work.

Can do

At Taemar we make visions become real. We have a ‘can do’ attitude and we encourage the same attitude within all of our staff. Throughout our history we have overcome a wide range of challenges on complex and challenging projects and it is this attitude which we choose to instil throughout our team.


In line with Taemar’s historical roots which are ingrained in entrepreneurial approach and vision, every Taemar employee is encouraged to be motivated, to show initiative and to have entrepreneurial foresight. Collectively this gives our team a desire to commit and to succeed.

Quality and safety

Taemar is committed to healthy and safe working conditions for all our staff, contractors and third-parties. We strive for safe working environments at all times.

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