Building a more sustainable future.


At Taemar we care about building a more sustainable future and we are committed to reducing our impact on the environment. Our aim is to help schemes achieve the optimum social, economic and environmental performance.

We recognise that investing in sustainability is important for our business and the economy generally and we constantly evaluate initiatives, targets and processes in the way that we work.

We understand the environmental impact of our operations and aim to build long-term relationships with our suppliers and contractors, asking them to do the same.

By integrating sustainability, we are able to resource efficiently and source responsibly, planning our customers’ costs wisely across projects.

We take a proactive view in the sharing of best practice and regularly discuss our experiences internally and within the industries in which we operate.

We support our business partners by guiding them through the demands of environmental and health and safety legislation. We also work with our suppliers to raise their own standards of environmental performance and sustainable operations.